Vanquis Contact Number: 0330 099 3000

There are various ways to get in contact with Vanquis – by phone, email or postal mail.

In the first instance, we recommend you phone them on 0330 099 3000 but if you have no luck on the phone please see the alternative phone numbers and further contact details below.

Vanquis phone numbers

If you want a credit card or help clearing debt, phone Vanquis Bank on 0330 099 3000.

To discuss a credit score boosting repayment plan, call Vanquis on this helpline number 0330 099 3010.

Vanquis email address

Another way to contact Vanquis about financial products, or to report a problem to customer care, is an email to their parent company Provident Financial on

Vanquis postal address

If you’re unhappy with Vanquis’ customer service, and feel your credit score hasn’t improved as advertised, you may wish to write in and complain the old-fashioned way by posting a letter. You can send letters to Vanquis this address:

Customer Action Team,
PO Box 399,
ME4 4WQ,
United Kingdom.

About Vanquis

Vanquis is a UK bank and financial services company especially popular among British consumers who care about their image and status.

Vanquis lets UK residents acquire credit cards and sort out their finances – with credit score an issue for millions of people nowadays, Vanquis’ intensive programs are intended to improve the personal financial situation, and thereby the lives of their customers.