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Barry Hymer Holidays is a UK travel agency and reference portal linking to various global airlines and all the top UK travel agents.

Hello there – you’ve reached the Barry Hymer Directory, and our mission is to refer you to the best-value budget and last-minute travel deals up for grabs right now while also putting you in touch with various domestic and international organisations who can make your life easier in the UK or overseas.

For Bankingcontact Vanquis.

For Energycontact E.ON.

For Drivingcontact DVLA.

For Communicationcontact Orange.

We’re committed to scouring all the big name travel agents and shed loads of some smaller outfits to uncover the greatest bargains in the country, setting you off on a journey in Europe or around the world, without breaking the bank.

The holiday deals we feature include sunny destinations along the Mediterranean, city breaks in Asia, and mountain skiiing/walking holidays around the Alps. Holiday-wise, we’ve something for everyone and are not afraid to put you in touch with whichever travel agent is offering the best deals today.

Driving in the UK – contact DVLA

If you’re staying in the UK for the first time, for a long time, and you’re a keen driver looking to drive in the UK, before finding a good car hire company or purchasing your own car in the UK you should contact the DVLA to learn about the necessary processes in vehicle registration and British driving licence regulations.